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The following is why i demand Bitcoin's adoption (Part ) Add % on the #s below. I recently found out Citi fees a % dangerous txn fee. WTF? Cause Bitcoin!!!!! Previous Article: I live in the usa, and bought something coming from a trusted vendor in england, using my plastic card they fucking decreased the charge and shut down my card, causing other charges to acquire rejected.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! my spouse and i ed their intelligent system to authorize this charge, and it said it turned out all set the seller ed me to state the charge always wasnt there i then spend an hour in the phone with Citi - WFT?! your system said the charge had then the merchant - just apply Paypal - i will pay the cost great - i prefer Paypal, and then simply *that* charge receives rejected by Paypal simply because fraudulent - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! i spend hours for the phone with a few Indian fuck that cant speak Native english speakers - i throw in the towel and get the English speaker -- who finally informs me the charge did proceed through - he just had to prevent the chargeback ALL AROUND: between Paypal along with Citi - % rates overall, hours of aggravtion for the phone, and embarrassment which has a trusted vendor Very good god! Bring at Bitcoin! Anyone whom says BTC won't add value is usually fucking CLUELESS!!! not badWhy would he need to be hung like an important black man? Someone is walking down the beach and he stumbles for the Genie Bottle. They rubs it and even out pop a pair of Genies. He creates wishes. When they gets home, he hears a knock for the door and outside you'll find beautiful naked ladies. Walking back within just he sees a new briefcase sitting at his coffee desk. Opening it she or he see $ trillion dollars. "Wow, my first two wishes came true! " they yells. He gets able to do his thing while using women when he or she hears another knock in the door. When he opens the doorway there are a few Ku Klux Klan males. First, they overcom the him upwards, then they tar plus feather him. Up coming, they take your ex boyfriend out back along with lynch him. If your KKK guys are sure he or she is dead, they take its hoods off to reveal both the Genies! The first Genie turns on the second and pronounces, "You know, I can recognize his first not one but two wishes but the reason why would he need to be hung like the black man? ".

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Elon Musk-the guy really live life to the fulles t, or crash and burn. A weakly mind believed whatever anybody saidsure, why not? its the afrikan way, reach for the stars Elon is definitely amazingI'm really sorry I've run out of negs! - for every d-Tardist post now, and I've run out! D-TARDIST CENSORS ME BY MAKING PEOPLE USE ALL THIS NEGS!!!!!!!!!!! and forum has been taken over by way of one of the girl's nastier personalities, too! There's just nowhere to go! again, thats possibly not my forum whomever posts there is? you, the anon tat makes advertising it? ^^Self appointed citizen censor made me use all of my negs! She talks a lot about socialism, must be a socialist herself! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTo whoever insert that - at this time there... BLESS YOU! LOOK OUT! She's on your rampage today!! Yeah, hitting the bottle earlySomeone on the Arts Forum reported she stopped taking her medication. Maybe thats the problem today. lololol too funny! OH HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAhAHA!!!! d-Tardist, living life a afrikan way on all day!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLHi d! Nice spanking you took in art this morning! LOLall her doing she forgets that discussions don't constantly align with her "facts" and when s penguin food web penguin food web omeone else has a differing opinion they will get attacked ruthlessly. disagreement with d = passing wish. that's an outstanding nameToday's Howard Hugh? Went to Wharton? wadda tardAaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!! The letter is waaaayyy too long. But mostly, get rid of this this section: Your recent advertising on xxxxx for a Project Coordinator portrays perfectly responsibilities that I have been engaged in for a few years and a career that i am eagerly seeking. I would like to buy a place where I will learn and grow as part of a long-term investment and I believe the perfect opportunity. The project that xxxxx lands on great and, as someone who is responsible for heavily active in the arts, I would like to be part of it. And replace it with something such as: Hello, my designate is julia tardmo, and We are interested in the actual project coordinator standing you posted on the tardbot site. My skills not to mention experience would make me a terrific fit for the following position. ---- Now get it from there.......

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If you cannot head off to your local bank, then put connected with this zany idea unless you can afford to afford it yourself. Work an extra job when you have to, to save right up some discretionary money. No stranger requires a chance for you if your bank won't. And, Now i am guessing because you may be here, your traditional bank wont'. This is usually an established route /yr benefit I said the credit was opportunity but just guessed worth trying. I have continually helped people if at all and just hoping an gent who has been in related situ ion will help me. There are to a lot neg ive people on this planet now th certainly is the problem with world today! Yeah, a great number of people have ended up screwed by those that have poor credit, no coll eral without money, trying for getting some credit with altern ive sources in line with a dream as well as good intentions, and failing operational after they perform. The best entrepreneurs are classified as the ones who've failed once or twice. Count on accomplishing this -- it may strengthen you. Your best bet is with your own capital. Th way, if and once you fail, you simply won't be beholding to anybody else. It's the most convenient way to learn. look at building your credit scores again with Microloans they loan about $ just once and as you repay it they report to everyone the credit canceling companies.

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for example an illustration of this BS over chemical substance is lots and many crap about merely nothing useful for actually getting cash tempingAny temp forums or websites? Does anyone these days know of any forums or websites the place temps in NEW YORK CITY can trade tales, give each other pointers on distinct client companies, heat level agencies, etc? if photo slide show cd photo slide show cd you are researching for temp agencies right now seeking temps you can demand people on the internet trading temp memories are either: (a) people who Was in the past temps but did not temped in years (b) people who can't get every temp work and provide nothing better you need to do than waste time hours talking about malefic temp agencies. If you'd like to WORK go find a company at If notebook want BS you can se baker mt picture baker mt picture arch temping and blogger and have websites of people cl to become temps who genuinely aren't. excuse everybody... PRETEND to technical staffing ,? stranger than fictional works there were approximately retards who just weren't temps and who wasn't temps for years who were camped out inside the old temp- internet site (for about or even YEARS) posting about evil temp specialists and telling any individual and everyone what individuals had the mi rtune to discover themselves at that site to fail to temp and that temping end in nowhere. These temp- individuals were NOT temps, for those who read down through their posts, you could realize that they wasn't temps for yrs., and all get messageboards where individuals who are looking to temp (and who ? re temping) can content messages. And I believe that it is now clear that we have amount of people temping and interested to temp who hangout day after day, week after month posting messages. On these technical staffing , messag software piracy information software piracy information eboards where you see numerous posts, it generally similar that either folks posting are certainly not temps or the actual guy running the site is making in the posts. Some for these sites (that have no traffic) have more messages to them than, and put developed, this should advise you that the posts typically are not real and they are made way up (usually by folks who are not temps).

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Is this the market Top? You noise priced out. no of course not - didn't you observe the fashions? remember what many people say about hemlines developing means stocks go up too? well good news for the gentlemen, they have heightened the hemline and achieved it transparent stock markets sure to check out suit up upward and awayoh stfu do you want? your blather is usually increasing. go get a job or want to do something useful. ^^^citizen censor in action! Buy Apple in addition to Bank of AmericaIt seems to double brainpower... Because it problems us to think out of the box, it unsurprisingly brings both chemistry of the brain hemispheres into take up, thus doubling your creativity. I use it all the time, especially when joining a lecture and / or meeting... and especially when designing some cutting edge tool or equipment. Before I hog the particular forum... Mind Mapping It is a tool that are able to double our individual capacity to fix problems and design innovations among several processes we undertake as entrepreneurs. Can we discuss that dynamite tool? Mind Mapping is an excellent tool to regain the creative system and effectively fix problems. Many authors use to help them write. But it can easily provide to structure your online business. Full disclosure: I don't give a shit, it was only just something funny to mention. Put another approach, it was bull crap, nojoke. Whatever. As my handle states that, I don't ruse. Makes sense. I'd be a little careful selecting now though. I don't find much appreciation associated with SF RE for the next years or possibly even longer (and not a lot of depreciation either). I'm not buying more at the moment, but in the zip code where by I own building, the value possesses increased since. Here: impossible. That is my equity then there are the IRA's and additionally K's I maxed for some time. And then there may be the money i have invested coming from my HELOC. Bottom line it is again that. Oh, I thought you were a poor someone... since you communicate like one.

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Massage Thinking about visiting school for massage. I may enter Los Angeles, Cutting edge Mexico or Hawaii islands. Anyone have any specific tips, advice and also recommendations? You must really knead a task.. Tip: Seabiscuit on the fifth. or seriously knead the loaf of bread. Have you seen how many are jobless? Do erotic massage therapies, make big $$$$ And bother going to help school. Just instigate a little rersearch in relation to massage techniques and practice against your many clients. Advertise on at zero cost. None of generates you smart. Niether does supporting Obama what�s your point? ^needs rent restrain to liveYes as well as, Education in unique area of everyday living. I know very well the works in Byron does the make me sharp? Can't make a dime start shit? Hey truth be told there, Clifton. I figure I didn't converse clearly. He' thinking, "Look. Here are some rare and also the people who would well, financially, lacking much education. inches Great. That makes The select few smart, and flourishing. It does not show that everybody who bails beyond school will almost certainly become wildly profitable. That was the point. I'll think of yourself as more careful.

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more info. satisfy I'd like facts. Wh company? Wh do in store? Looking For Small business Partners Hello consumers. I am in search of strong business people today to partner with to begin the process businesses th I want. I am an intense minded visionary by using gre ideas who realized the significance of having the gre team to guide the visions and bring the criminals to pass. The people My organization is looking for should have certain general business talents and certain specific ones. My group is looking for home business plan writers, research, accountants/cfo, team builders etcetera. This will function as a team th sits inside the holding company th should cre e, possess and control this subsidiary companies. I don't notice this team having much more than people the most today. So email and let's insure that it is happen. And wh will this business do? Fluff up to date, give a not much more inform least about whatever business (product and also service). The government will do whatever needs doing to push inflation. Giving money into the banks or gobbling upward bad assets even if FHA giveaways may help them to erase the foreclosure waves like they are doing. You can't fight the costa rica government and expect in order to win mince lamb recipe mince lamb recipe . Bet on inflation over over time. % inflations inI like to help the awful I need $m to shop for a property well, i can open " up " a goodwill form of store. not read -- ghoulish behavior via the forum's biggest troll. ghoulish behavior is kind of a strong evaluate over his posts that can be ghoulishly gathered, formatted and even publishedoh god, not even this crap all over again. She's rig kerala girls photo kerala girls photo ht, he can be ghoulish, he will be looking for people in misery after which you can making fun of these misery. He's a horrible person. Maybe its you that can be the ghoulish kinds. people do take pleasure in his posts. hardly your. he just hates everybody else getting the attentionhahaha possibly. Grativo, you are usually evil, you are typically in no position to guage me. Eric? Lessen? Are you covering the edge enjoy your friend debbie?

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what is your long lasting problem? I thought you only happened to experienced the site? Why does one care if everyone David a douche? I aren't keen on the word b/c now i'm a woman. will be your vocabulary that modest? Okay, fine.. David is often a dirtbag... happy? thanks a lot. what did the person do to piss a person off? He is normally evil incarnate, involving satan, a wicked manipulator which has a forked tongue, personally to blame for exactly % belonging to the evil acts committed quickly mile radius with his cursed home, and he more than likely smells of elderberries. remember to, don't hold backDon't fail that he's more than likely selling worthless poop to naive fools. We are no fool. you sound bitterAt the very least , I'm not looking to scam people using their hard got money. And absolutely yes I'm bitter. I'm bitter that there are so many scams of that ranking out there. Do you consider Dave is the most important person who's decided the money combine scam? hey Steve when did you have a sex alter? your profile shouldn't mention itonce once idiot, i'm not even david are you will in serious require of some absolutely love? ok, we understand it you changed your name following sex change. no matter what, now you get used to it DaveDave the retard is actually telling people in order to ditch their year fixed and uncover into interest only ARM's for quite a while, apparently. I'm sure that's workouts GREAT... so what you suggest?

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Just got from a meeting. Can there be ever any stage in discussin discussed visions, mission claims, etc? I really think most people itinerary thi mud hens baseball mud hens baseball s shit to hear themselves talk. Can make people feel important. So does getting a notebook. that needs to be reserved for executives all the fluff talk doesn't affect the daily duties of the people who do all the nuts and mounting bolts stuff.

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